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    oursoul wrote:
    Quote: Originally Posted by MrAHC

    on SJ or are they all just ignorant racists?

    Yeah that’s right wrap us all up in the same cloth. Surely that’s a mark of fascist/racist behaviour in itself ?

    There are loads of different people on SJ, unfortunately the few mar the reputation of the many, which I believe is a good representation of society.
    The fact SJ is uncensored and is more brutal than your common moderated chatboard is also a representation of the world in which we live.

    Actually SJ is a good place to get interesting news, technology development, random facts and funny stories.

    It’s lively, mad and rather interesting. Not everyone there is a complete freak and most that are complete freaks are good with it.
    There is a small selection of absolute fucking wronguns, but we know who they are and what they are trying to do.
    It’s called pushing the boundaries and it’s taken as read as completely pointless, boring and anyone that contests it is just fuelling them to carry on.

    On there we talk about drugs and parties as they happen, the users are from all over the south, southeast, southwest, and north. All your bitching about SJ will get you knowhere, but carry on as you wish.

    bottom line is
    SJ pwns PV

    amen to that