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BioTech wrote:
Exactly. I use both. I just say there are a load of wankers in amongst all the sound people on SJ and due to the very light moderation of the board some dodgy shit can be posted up (personal info etc). Otherwise it’s a good laugh with some decent and interesting folk.

Instead of actively getting the wankers out, like most other social groups (in real life and online) Sj tolerates them…. to an extent, as even some people are booted out. PV has to be a bit stricter because we try and encourage international users and input from people outside the party scene. Also we try to make it easier for people to use at work. I for one would never use SJ in my current place of work.

Don’t know what everyone is getting so wound up about but it seems it will never end. Guarunteed there will be a post on SJ as soon as it’s back up telling everyone how shit PV is. The eternal cycle continues. *yawn*

i like this place just abit too slow getting replys back