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    yea, maybe i havent dealt with bad stuff in my life happening so well and that has made me annoyed, but i hardly think that i deliberately come here to release steam…thats total bullshit.

    and what this is really about is you have this narrow minded idea of what partyvibe should be, and no matter how much you protest you do shy away from teh darker side of the rave scene and try and cover up shit which you think reflects reality in a way you cant deal with it.

    how do you think this is going to affect the other mods on here? maybe next time they tell a joke or talk about something dark or take the piss they will feel that it might threaten their position and shut up. so everyone on here will just be flirting like its face party and any true dissenting voices will be silenced. is that what you want? well i hope so cos that is where this site is heading.

    i would say that i am definitely the most outspoken subversive voice on here with the political veiws that best represent the majority of south england rave culture. i cant beleive that has nothing to do with what has happened. appart from elretardo i am also the yougest, and considering he hardly rocks the boat i think that has been a factor too. it seems that anyone who actually represents the true freepartyvibe is not encouraged or ultimately welcome here, if you want to discuss the parody of rave culture you peddle with a load of people who have no idea what you’re on about but just want some friends, go ahead.

    i thought this site was meant to be about expressing teh sentiments of rave culture to a worldwide audience to build support for our scene. not placating idiots like angel who are only here cos we dont tell em to fuck off. you think she gives a fuck about raves? pull the other one, its got bells on.