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    danish so called ‘left wing’ government are thieving bastards….they came to office in a manor like that now the rich was going to pay their right-full part…but they are now demanding that the less fortunate is going to pay the tax easy for the rich…..not on my watch…fill up dem bottles guys with gazoline, we are going to war!


    not sure if they have it in DK or its called something else but white spirit (naptha) is cheaper than petrol, safer even for the arsonist, and doesn’t flash over and singe the hairs of the arms and knees (which is what the CSI look for). Not that I am advocating setting things alight in this manner (I only use the stuff to clean my bicycle chain) but my countrys labour party got screwed over this way during the 90s..

    FFS folk make too much of a fuss about tax – OK some of it is spent wrongly but there are things in countries especially with coastal areas what need good taxpayer funded services like the Coastguard, Environment Ministry etc..