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MC G-Tek

    @Mezz 530851 wrote:

    Here’s a novel idea, why dont soccer teams actually represent the area’s they take their names from by having local players, most the premiership have foreigners running them and playing for them, may as well be called ‘Commercial Enterprise United’ or ‘Throw money at it FC’

    They used to be largely from the local area and to be fair, there were a few local lads playing for the teams last night mate. Welbeck’s a Manc, Giggs has lived in Manchester since he was a kid and there’s a few Real players who are Madrid boys – admittedly both sides have masses of foreign talent in their squads too, but they also represented their local area.

    But yeah, they are commercial enterprises as much as they’re football clubs these days. It sucks, but that’s the way it is man.