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    Bloody fat people. At work today this massively obese woman started having a go at my workmate. All he did was look in her direction and she thought he was taking the piss.

    She started going, “Oh I’ve got a disease that’s why i’m fat” then her equally fat friend started calling my mate a bald cunt.

    This annoyed me greatly so I muttered under my breath “I know that disease, yeah it’s caused by being a greedy fucking pig”

    She heard me and went mental then proper went for me, I got away though, Just took a couple steps back, This short distance knackered her out enabling me to walk away and escape.

    Some might think me harsh, but when you’re sitting there stuffing your face with KFC then come out with some bullshit about how you have an illness, and verbally abuse a friend of mine you ain’t gonna get no sympathy from me at all.

    She was a horrible woman though, Big fat and ugly with an attitude to match.