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    djvu wrote:
    yer it would and can be done and i would like to see better info and education on drugs limits, Although i wouldnt legailse any of them

    I don’t think full “legalisation” would work until the whole UN agreed on some plan but I think sensible legislation would be that something like you could do a certain amount without penalty provided you did not commit any crime or anti-social behaviour or make yourself unable to contribute to society..

    the sort of laws I would like to see would be that if someone does 5 pills on a weekend and goes to work or college on monday that would be OK – but if they drove like an idiot under the influence or got in a fight on the comedown they would get nicked for drugs like the old penalties…

    dealers would be subject to quality control and taxation to fund the health service, and if they were involved in violence over turf it should be double the old penalty both for drug dealing and violent crime…