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    is it really another “political movement” people need? or just better organised party crews?

    There was the Freedom To Party movement in 1989 (the Young Tories!!!) with yuppies fighting for legal events on a commercial free enterprise basis (it was the 80s still)

    Then Altern 8 (the old skool lot who wore dust masks) set up a political party in 1992 (which was seen as amusing but achieved little else),

    Spiral tribe tried the political stuff and as an offshoot from them in 1994 there was the Advance Party movement which protested against the CJA but fractured due to internal politics (although it did contribute to the London free party scene for a bit)

    plus its difficult to argue the case for conventional underground parties when they already have been proven by bitter experience to get out of hand..

    Maybe all thats needed is a few more events like what Planet Yes did – well organised, held using the TENS system, only cost a fiver to get in (and me and my mates got in there for free, even if one of them did fall in a river on the way) – OK it means effort, discipline and organisation compared to a current free party but is it really that much of a climbdown?