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    General Lighting wrote:
    thats what I was pointing out – at present, the more people stick their neck out without addressing the wider issues (drug addiction, noise, trouble etc) they will just provoke a backlash. When Advance party (IMO the last effective campaign) was around they overlooked the problems with the smashy smashy crew which were already happening back then, plus all the squatters getting on to K or heroin.

    This why I suggested the only thing worth doing on the party scene is well run parties – they are actually possible even today for those who aren’t dumbed down and disorganised

    IMO the only political movements worth supporting are those campaigns which lobby for more sensible drug laws – a combination of proper education as well as controls/enforcement so people learn their limits instead of having to have them enforced all the time by the cops…

    yer it would and can be done and i would like to see better info and education on drugs limits, Although i wouldnt legailse any of them