Forums The Vibe Chat Prepare to be treated like a common criminal Re: Prepare to be treated like a common criminal


    Cunts cunts cunts cunts cunts!!!!!!! Basterds!

    ID cards are a fucking joke – government making us pay for something we dont even want for them to monitor us with.

    If your gonna infringe my rights then at least dont have the cheek to ask me to fucking pay for it!!!

    And something that gets over looked:

    In this world of identity theft and advancing technology, where within 6 months of any new technology coming out a hacker has cracked the coding (fact!), how the fuck is the security on a biometric chip in an ID card gonna be safe for 10 years (the lifespan of a passport).

    Do people seriously think that within ten years someone won’t have cracked the protection and be stealing biometric data for the purpose of ID theft!

    Seriously doubt it – its fucking obviously gonna happen – and prob wont take long.

    Whats the bets within a year or two of ’em coming in we have a scandal of people being defrauded in this way!!!