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    People will always complain about ‘the youth today’ and I daresay they always will. Whether its the 60s the 80s or the present. Funnily enough I was talkung to my dad last night who is adament street violence has decreased. Recons you couldn’t go out in canterbury high steet without seeing a fight kick of in the street. (in the 80s)
    During the 60s many parents complained about how teenagers where too selfish and only interested in hedonism and fashion. For those unlucky enough to come from wealthy families it was a case of working a 50hr week for a pitance or being stuck in a loveless marriage unable to divorce your cheating husband. Both my grandparents hate the beatles they got sick of them in 1969.

    They are starting to refer to this generation as ‘generation Y’
    Y work for the man?
    Y have kids?
    Y not spit in the streets?
    Y pull my pants up??