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Pat McDonald

    @Dark Train 512898 wrote:

    Not met a student who was ‘horrified’ at the thought of drugs and I’ve been at Uni for 2 and a half years. In fact they’re pretty commonplace round my circle of friends. Most young people I have met seem to have dabbled but most prefer to stick to alcohol.[/quote]

    Bear in mind, it’s not exactly a career enhancing move – outside of the “licensed rebel”, or entertainment industry as some call it – to admit to any kind of drug experience. So I reckon there is a good chance some of them were not telling the truth. If I’m not sure of this point, I’ll generally say “Give us a blood test then” and watch their eyes.

    @Dark Train 512898 wrote:

    In spite of that I still think this generation of young people sucks. It feels to me as if sex, alcohol and drug use are now a means for young people to make a statement about themselves to other people. As if it’s some sort of competition. Maybe it’s part of this to craze be some sort of celebrity like those ‘gorgeous’ people they gawp at on TV. And what makes you a celebrity? Being a selfish, shallow arsehole of course!

    I don’t want to sound too harsh – I have made lots of friends at Uni. Even if I don’t share their tastes/preferences, I think one will always find some common ground with people who seem very different.

    Sadly, bitter experience has taught me that the last point isn’t always the case. And being young is something that you CANNOT be experienced in, by definition. So I’ve got quite a bit more faith in “da Yuth” than most folks. I mean, look around you – what is the point in struggling all your life to pay a mortgage when you can just stick a couple of traffic cones on your chest, wiggle your arse to a canned track and get paid a fortune for it? That isn’t dumb, that’s being honest that hard work is for donkeys.

    Depends on the type of work and employer though. Some people realy LIKE working hard and are generously paid and valued. Doesn’t happen in the UK anymore of course, which is why the most sensible young people say “I’m off out of this shithole as soon as I can get there.”