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    Ok I have re-evaluated my situation. I would like to put my self forward for the honourable position of mod on this fine site. Firstly I would like to say that this site has helped me allot with regards to many things and I would like to repay the favour. I feel I could bring a comical yet down to earth addition to the moderating team. I have a basic grasp of English but am well spoken and polite most of the time. I am on here pretty much every day. I can see Spam a mile off. I have strong ties within the free party scene and none what so ever in the porn advertising racket :). I am half decent with computers so I know my I.P. address from my can of Wrongbow :wink:. I feel my role in the team would be geared towards learning what it is to be a party vibe mod and evolving and adapting to fit my role. all my spare time online will be devoted to this.

    Much love!