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    @p0ly 458207 wrote:

    i don’t like it either, no offence bro just think it’s a bit heavy and dark humour a lot of people don’t get easy.

    making statements like that in a large group of differing political views it doesn’t help matters, it won’t stop genuine psycopaths joining uniformed services, but also winds up the folk who have joined uniformed services for better moral reasons (and yes, there are some!) or those who aren’t completely stupid but perhaps a bit overidealistic and think that for instance a quick and decisive victory over the Middle East would have miraculously made petrol cheap ( a fair few gary boys round here join up to HM Forces for this reason)

    Many now might know better (having learned the hard way) but are stuck out of a sense of loyalty to their nation and also not wanting to seem like cowards – I feel a bit sorry for chaps like this and I am a left wing eco-friendly type (though unlike many yoghurt weavers I realise deep down that I easily could have ended up joining them myself at various points of my life)

    I also know good people what used to be ravers who have just quit partying and joined the Police – not out of spite or malice but they genuinely felt it was the right thing to do, particularly after seeing good friends go down through drugs.

    might not be a cool thing to think about but the reason you can walk around some bits of London with a megaphone without getting into danger is as much because of coppers and soldiers as any British love of fair play or free speech..