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    @DaftFader 458025 wrote:

    ahh coolio 🙂

    As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.
    I take a look of my life, and realise there’s noting left.
    ‘Cuz I’ve been brassin’ and laughing so long that.
    Even my mama thinks that my mind is gone.
    But I ain’t never crossed a man that didn’t deserve it.
    Me be treated like a punk, you now that’s unheard of.
    You’d better watch how you’re talking and were you walking .
    Or you and your homie mith be lined in chalk.
    I really hate to trip but I gotta lope.
    As they croak I see myself in the pistol smoke, FOOL.
    I’m the kind of g that little homies wanna be.
    Like on my knees in the night sayin prayers in the street light.

    The Ghetto situation they got me facein’.
    I can’t live a normal life, I was raised by the street. (or strip)
    So I gotta be down wit the hood team.
    Too much television watching got me chasing dreams.
    I’m a educated fool wit money on my mind.
    Got my ten in my hand and the glim in my eye.
    I’m a loped out gangster set trippin banger.
    And my homies is down so don’t arouse my anger, FOOL.
    Death ain’t notin but a heartbeat away.
    I’m livin life do or die, what can I say.
    I’m 23 now but will I live to see 24.
    The way things is going I don’t know.

    Power and the money, money and the power.
    Minute after minute, hour after hour.
    Everybody’s running but half of them ain’t looking.
    What’s going on in the kitchen, but I don’t know what’s cooking.
    They say I got to learn, but nobody’s here to teach me.
    If they can’t understand, how can they reach me.
    I guess they can’t.
    I guess they won’t.
    I guess they front.
    That’s why I know my life is out of luck, FOOL.