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    thanks general

    this sounds good, i see your points on the o.b front and this is the problem. but then again wouldnt some false plates do it??? just to stick em on and then wip em off. but then i suppose if they do decide to look in/around the van i would be fucked wouldn’t i.

    but thats for me to worry about hey:wink:

    ive got a pic of a rig van that looks well good it has 2 scoops (18’s) i think and then a square sub which i have never seen used in a rig before yet have seen in car audio(i didnt think u matched these 2 in the same rig, i may be wrong) and then 2 tops. but as i say once i get my mits ont my other comp i’ll upload it and show you.

    cheers man your a legend thanks for all of your help everyone.