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    cheers, hope every1s doin well an out of hospital from the essex (party near my house), my friend, the one who tryed to help a girl caught in the roit an got battered to shit by pigs, has got out of hospital and is ok and can walk again,

    went to a nice little party last week, an all legal:crazy_dru, nice big psytrance rig with lovley decor not my stylee of music tho, luckily there was another small rig playin dnb classics but they were havin trouble with the genny an the power kept cuttin out which was a shame,

    big up to the cambridge crew who organised it, PEL’s can be obtained an are the way forward IMO

    anyone know how the peaceful protest in harlow went?? cudnt make it down but was there in sprit, how u all went an had a phat party afterwards