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    @Fizzbombheid 542321 wrote:

    my mrs used to have this big fuck off hairy mole on the small of her back. we called it Fred. i got used to it over the years.i had no choice really innit? acceptance is a rightous ting. but a couple of years ago im staring at it while she’s having a snooze…fuckin scunner! fred was one big ugly mofo of a mole. shudder….WTF were we thinking that this was acceptable. fred had to go.

    so when she woke up i told her that i thought it was changing shape, larger and darker and goddam cancerous. she’s shiting it but off she goes to the doc’s to get the cunt checked out. it wasn’t cancerous but a few months later they cut it out anyways. (it was that ugly i think) now she has a cool scar where fred used to be. big one too, one a pirate would be proud of. Arrr!! everyone’s a winner.

    sometimes ya just gotta scare the living daylights out yer wife to get what ya want. it’s for the better innit

    goodbye fred……wherever you are

    You’re a funny cunt lol