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    Raj wrote:
    Did the aloe vera plants I gave you survive?

    I’m nursing them back to health. I scrubbed the roots and repoted them in cactus soil, which I treated with pirahna funghi to stimulate root growth. So hopefully they will pull through and I can’t thank you enough.

    JonnyQuest wrote:
    how have u kept them going? what type of chillis? mine are dead as fuck, tasty though

    The cuttings I took have been under a spare 250w HPS light for the last wee while to get them nice and healthy and ready for postage. The mother plant they came off though couldn’t be more healthy even at this late stage inthe year she is still fruiting, even on th windowsill. Although I do have several CFL’s timed to come on as it gets dark for supplementary lighting.

    starlaugh wrote:
    Ah the cuttings are sorted then mate?

    Very close good sir. I would have posted them out a week ago but what with my birthday and moving house I haven’t had the chance. So now they have moved house I’m just giving them a day or two to make sure they are ok and haven’t suffered in any way.