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MC G-Tek

    @kindbanana 502489 wrote:

    Hi All ,

    This is kindbanana and I am NOT a policeperson ..

    WHAT is the FIRST thing an undercover policeman or SOMEBODY working for the Police on this website ( e.g.pOly ) do if their ” cover ” is BLOWN ?!

    They divert attention off themselves and say they suspect a newbie ( ONLY ONE DAY ON THE WEBSITE) who has only nice intentions to people on PartyVibe .com and IS NOT a policeperson …

    THINK , check all your messages and e mails ……pOly has infiltrated and passing information onto the Police RIGHT NOW ….FOR REAL …



    Ahahahahahahaha, quality! Is there any way we can get the opening few bars of Queen’s ‘Another one bites the dust’ to play when noobs respond on this page?