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Roly wrote:
i have a problem
when i’m out having a good time, i keep fucking it up by worrying about THE smallest things. Name it i worry about it at the very time i’m supposed to be de-stressing i keep doing my own head in. from the way i look, to i didn’t get that camera develoved from last year! you know, pathetic things that normally wouldnt bother you for years but i always pull the line ‘i’m gonna sit down for awhile’ while all my mates are having a awsome time i sit down and end up stressing about it!its been going on for years, how can i fix it PLEASE!! i’m reaching out here, give me the benefit of your knowledge, i just cant chill!! so now i’m gonna worry about this post now

I think it happens to a lot of ravers when they reach their mid to late 20s – its a combination of worry and anger and tends to affect a lot of people who as they progress in life.

I get this as well a lot of the times but I usually get round it at raves by finding something else to do – someone to talk to; a new part of the building or area to explore, other friends of mine have mentioned the same thing as well.

ISTR you are a medical student which must mean a lot of study, exams and a heap of advancing responsibilities as one day you will be responsible for others lives, and that is always in the back of your mind.

we often lead an extreme lifestyle which is not accepted by “normal society” – the use of drugs, there is always a risk of hassle with the criminal justice system, often people around us are suspicious or wary of our weekend activities – and if you are otherwise a decent person you are always thinking of the risks this lifestyle causes – including the threat of unemployment and/or prison.

TBH I think lots of people have these worries but they blot them out with alcohol, ketamine or other drugs.

But if you can control these worries it can be a good thing; it stops you going to far and makes you a survivor as they can make you think more about other people and the effects your actions have on them.