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    in response to a few questions, he was a freind thru a freind, who wasnt there at the time.

    he was just about to get out of the car and walk home, he was lucky he didnt hole even a minut later cos we would have gone. and no one would have been there to watch him for a bit or cover him to keep him from freezing – he was in a t shirt

    i had already done him a favour by driving him around to pick up k, then drive him on a 50 mile round trip to a place even he didnt know how to get to after his original lift was arrested.

    ive come to realise this guy is gonna get himself into shit anyway, he can barely talk when sober from the amount hes overdone drugs in his past.

    i would never have left a freind like that. and we hardly said ‘fuck it’ and left. we helped him as much as we could. hes gotta help himself by not doin a g in one line then trying to find his house.