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    @GiantMidget 446360 wrote:

    You’re kidding me. Alot of the old school ways that cure people, herbal extracts etc have proved very effective and are used in most modern medicines today. Hell, I have a book made by an SAS bloke which tells you which plants to use for various ailments, these prove very effective and are used by the bloody military in the field!!!

    Look it up mate, you’re so narrow minded sometimes Slim. I love you for it though! x

    I am not disputing that though, you said “most of that ‘crazy stuff’ is what we call modern medicine today”. I am not saying none of our medicine comes from ancient cures etc, I am saying that most ancient cures have no place in modern medicine. I studied the history of medicine for my GCSE history and I would think the vast majority of things over time have been dropped in favour of the few things that work. I may be wrong but I dont think so. Look up medieval medicine and tell me how much of that is used today/has led to cures we use today.