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Does read read a bit like a doom and gloom prophecy. i was getting at the fact that the knowledge that scientists discover is often used for purposes other than good or that in the application of science unintended consequences can arise which are devastation or that simply much scientific advancement is driven by the drive to destroy other humans.
past examples would include Hiroshima, nagasaki, sellafeild 1957, Various atomic weapons tests since, chernobyl, global warming, world war 1 and two, modern warfare in general, agent orange, phosphate polution, crude oil pollution, traffic pollution, plastic waste, oceanic rubbish, depleated uranium shells, land mines, household effluents, industrial effluents, etc etc.
As scientific understanding gets more advanced so does the potention for things to go wrong. It is not scientists who have control of the discoveries that they make or the application of those discoveries, it is the politic or other rich powerful and often morally corrupt people.
I’m not anti-science. I’m just sceptical of the ability of the human race to put scientific discoveries to good use and avoid the continuous stream of problems scientific discovey seems to leave in its wake.

you probably know all about Chernobyl, from your degree. if you don’t you should watch this video.

The True Battle of Chernobyl Uncensored

where is the next dissaster going to come from. does it have its roots in the LHC perhaps?