• dougmelv replied to the topic Fire & Brimstone in the forum Chat 10 years, 6 months ago

    Does read read a bit like a doom and gloom prophecy. i was getting at the fact that the knowledge that scientists discover is often used for purposes other than good or that in the application of science unintended consequences can arise which are devastation or that simply much scientific advancement is driven by the drive to destroy other…[Read more]

  • dougmelv replied to the topic Fire & Brimstone in the forum Chat 10 years, 7 months ago

    Iacchus;336830 wrote:
    I understand where you’re coming from because I used to think the same way, i come from a very christian family, and letting go of my old beliefs has been a slow difficult process, but if anything science has strengthened my belief in a creator. Science need not take away the wonder and mysticism in the universe, not unless…[Read more]

  • dougmelv replied to the topic Fire & Brimstone in the forum Chat 10 years, 7 months ago

    interesting post. although i don’t understand a lot of it. looks like you know your stuff. i still don’t buy it. i just don’t have that much faith in science. but it is facinating.
    someone once said to me that believing life originated from ‘random’ events is like an ‘alien’ walking through a city looking at at the buildings and structures and…[Read more]

  • p0lygon-Window;336079 wrote:
    you know that josh

    it’s funny when religious people go on about MORALS COMING FROM THE BIBLE!! so if they didnt have the bible they’d go around raping and killing?

    isnt that what happened in ancient times?? i don’t know my history that well yet but i think the vikings probably did a bit of raping and…[Read more]

  • ellie;336050 wrote:
    you seem to pick out the ‘bad’ people who dont follow religious doctrine but won’t accept the ‘bad’ people who do follow religious doctrine. surely it shows there is good and bad whether you follow the bible or not.

    things arn’t always as they seem. i was only using the problem children on my estate to illustrate what can…[Read more]

  • its fine to be a drug addict, they are only harming their selves, up until the point where they neglect their children sometimes causing them irreperable damage. the point i was making was that if you want to see what happens when children are left to their own devises to bring them selves up, i can tell you. they make up their own rules through…[Read more]

  • ellie;336019 wrote:
    but religious fundamentalists aren’t a good thing.

    no they are nuts.

  • Iacchus;336015 wrote:
    I agree previous generations definately contribute to conscience but I’m pretty sure if you completely removed any upbringing from someone they would still develop their own morality… how does one test this theory? :weee:

    come and look at the children of the drug addicts and alchoholics on my estate!

  • ellie;336010 wrote:
    yeah, but i don’t know any of them. 😉 plus, its fickle. none of them give a sh*t about her anymore.

    thats my point. the fickle nature of modern belief formation vs the established moral framework of religion.

  • Iacchus;336007 wrote:
    Id say your conscience provides a better moral framework. I’ve always known hurting someone else is wrong despite how much I’ve observed my peers doing it or violence in the media. Also I’ve always known sex outside marriage is not wrong despite what the bible says, because it doesnt feel wrong when you’re in a loving…[Read more]

  • yes, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water when thinking about religious belief. alot of stuff in religious texts is very relevant to how good people think and there is lots of stuff in there that i had/ have not thought about but has had/could have a very positive effect on my world veiw. I’ve not read it all. its on my to do list along…[Read more]

  • ellie;335948 wrote:

    I dont see how belief in a religion has any more substance than beliefs from parents media etc. I would say that religion IS, in most cases, a belief formed from the messages we are exposed to at birth from our parents… and are full of errors.

    but yeah, i see your point if you were to say that they were perhaps equally…[Read more]

  • no. but i know people who do and they are good people. i respect others beliefs. just like if i believed wearing aftershave, putting blonde streaks through my hair and wearing expensive clothes would make me happy i wouldn’t expect a lecture me about vanity, pride, materialism or the things that they think to be importaint. i wouldn’t want them to…[Read more]

  • p0lygon-Window;335740 wrote:
    you’d rather listen to a preist because you are religious?

    more because at leasts preists have an educated and interesting perspective. I try not to mix belief in religion with belief in God. although the two are often lumped together they are different.
    I think Einstien means that the patterns…[Read more]

  • i don’t think he’s making good points. he is masturbating with his limited grasp of concepts. infact his whinny american/loid grossman accent made me feel sick.
    “now then boys and girls , consider this…..” :yakk::yakk::yakk::yakk:
    i would rather listen to a preist than that smarmy twat.
    I believe in God. To me it is a very logical…[Read more]

  • dougmelv replied to the topic Fire & Brimstone in the forum Chat 10 years, 7 months ago

    abiogenesis. i don’t think science will never answer this question. it will only provide increasingly complex theories that are wrong in an even more complicated way. the simple answer to origins of life on earth is ‘God put it there’. the more difficult question is What is God?. for all we know seeds of life could have be blasted here in a space…[Read more]

  • although i’m new to this i think the difference between PV and SJ is one of mentality.
    PV seems to have a core of good people who know a bit about each other and are polite and respectful and don’t engage as freely in offensive exchanges or respond to childish posts in a childish way. I think the moderators play a very importaint role too keeping…[Read more]

  • dougmelv replied to the topic Cheap meals in the forum Chat 10 years, 9 months ago

    Beans are great.

    try mixing ground black pepper in them. makes them new and interesting.

    or to be realy fancy

    tin of beans + couples teaspoons of garamasala spice mix + some dried chillies or chilli powder(1/2 to 1 teaspoon). chuck it over some boiled spagetti. whay hey!.. curried bean pasta. of course serve with tomatoe ketchup too.

    or melt…[Read more]

  • the reason they used the same templates is that each film took up to 6 years to draw.

  • dougmelv replied to the topic Rant Thread! in the forum Chat 10 years, 9 months ago

    the birds round here are mental too. always makin noise early mornings and in the middle of the night. lean out your window and tell her to shut the fuck up and fuck off out your garden. that usually works.

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