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    @Buzz 399138 wrote:

    the scene in england is so different to up here…..we never get anywhere near that ammount of hassle with the police. thats probably more to do with tighter restrictions on who is told about the parties though. the police can be dicks sometimes sure, but its about mutual respect, if your not causing a problem then most of the time the police will leave you alone.

    the Scots ravers seem to be more of a genuine community than just a bunch of kids with access to cars, a lot of drugs/equipment and spare cash. However, Scotland is also much less densely populated than England and the parties are held in very remote areas indeed (I’ve seen a few online maps of the areas :wink:)

    Even English crews used to have this mutual respect but people got complacent during the “good times” of 2003 onwards (a combination of more abundant resources and particularly good weather).