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    @Izbeckistan 535200 wrote:

    I gave up drink and drugs for a year and bit and I was quite shocked how it completly changed my social life (so called mates eh)
    The great thing is that it opened up so many doors for me to things that the party life can distract you from (for me any way)

    Treat yourself ti a mountain bike or something and start up some out door hobbies maybe?

    Exactly what happened to me (though at least I already had the bike). Of course it isn’t always the best weather for a bike ride in the UK unless you want to also get a load of harsh weather gear and at the very least a decent cycling jacket and this isn’t cheap (I get mine from a workers co-op based up where Korno lives, on the presumption that if the Scots wear this stuff in their weather it will do the job (it does)).

    I am lucky that full time work actually allows me to balance working from home and getting outdoors but even so its not that abnormal these days for folk to spend a lot of time inside.

    But another thing I have noticed is that everyone is a lot more downtrodden these days since the economic depression, whether or not they have diagnosed mental health problems. Even if they socialise its now in a more competitive way. I don’t mean everyone is beating up each other (at least not outside townie clubs on drinking nights and in any case they get arrested before they do too much damage) but there are times when being “lonely” isn’t really half as bad as its made out to be. you can of course still socialise but on your own terms….