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    not seen a ghost but about 12 years ago something very strange happened when me and my mates were trying to set up this pirate radio station.

    Now the 3 of us present were all techies/hackers; we knew our stuff and how to make things work.

    Before we set out we tested all the equipment; there was the band II transmitter (the FM TX), the midpoint link transmitter (operates at 68Mhz) and for on site comms we had brought along both mobile phones (900Mhz) and 27Mhz CB radios (mobiles weren’t that reliable and expensive to use).

    All this equipment had worked at another location but we wanted somewhere higher up to get a better signal.

    We found this place which was a disused mental hospital (I had previously explored it in high school days about 6 years before that – it was scarey then as it wasn’t entirely disused – there were still people there! (I got the impression the health authority used to section travellers and hippies who took too much drugs and then just dumped them there).

    There were always rumours the place was haunted, and fairly often really dark stuff goes on “behind closed doors” in mental health institutes.

    Anyway, the next time we went there the place was empty (the remaining patients had been shifted to another nearby place).

    I checked the site for live electric – 230v at all sockets to courtyard.

    We plugged in the transmitter and tried to tune it in on a portable radio.
    Nothing (despite power reaching it).

    Then tried to contact other people waiting in a car by the gatehouse using both the mobile and the CB radio; no response despite both devices having charged batteries and showing the signal strength being OK…

    Communications across the entire electromagnetic spectrum from 27Mhz to 900Mhz totally wiped out by some strange “force”. None of us had ever seen anything like it before. To this day still can’t explain it as there was perfect line of sight and no other masts or towers that could have caused interference.

    Needless to say we got out of that location pretty quickly and have never used it again.