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    fidgety house, filthy electro also deep house/chillout and a bit of dubstep

    rock a free pre club night in glasgow with tracktor 3 and a midi controller
    hoping to save up for turntables and some vinyl before building up to serato live set up


    this is the sickest mix ive done so far raaa

    elephUnt likes it raw

    enjoy :bounce_g::bounce_fl:bounce_g::bounce_fl:bounce_g:


    @Digital-A 305760 wrote:

    but then how would i get it from i tunes onto sendspace?

    sorry for the questions, i literally am useless with these things :-I cheers guys!

    right click the song then clickk show in explorer (or somethin like tht) – it’ll show u the file location
    just find whatever folder its in and upload it to sendspace…

    and a 44min mix converted to 192 kbps is 60.6MB if thts any help to ye…



    heres a wee 40 min mix i just finnished there

    electro-fidgety-house kinda thing raaa

    try it, yu will love it

    dont let the yheti get yi:bounce_fl

    got a weekly club night in glasgow blazin those kinda tunes if anyones intrested gives a shout


    @fishpaste 305438 wrote:

    thats really good:love: i love graf

    why thank youu :bounce_g:


    @ethereating-eskimo 267235 wrote:

    There must be some artists here. I’m very interested in seeing anything any body has to share. I’m a musician myself, and I used to be quite good at drawing and painting when I was younger but I gave it up to devote my time to music and am pretty shoddy at it now. I’d say I’ve lost my touch 😐

    im a graffiti artist stroke vandal if that counts
    also do graphic design and mix music

    the last decent painting i done.:bounce_fl


    @damo666 269298 wrote:

    Does anyone have any programs/software they recommend for making flyers and posters?

    i use adobe photoshop and illustrator for my flyers

    illustrator is good for more cartoony kinda things and playin with fonts

    expensive to buy, although i think u can rob them through websites


    yo yo!

    this looks kinda fun…

    im twonko
    from glasgow, like to get out ma nut and dance to bangin tunes
    also dj and write my name on things

    i have an elephant :bounce_fl

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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