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      I think the popularity and low cost of this Product will soon be it’s downfall…

      They should have priced it higher this way most of the teeny’s wouldnt hve been able to get there hands on it so easy.


        Well this won’t help keep it legal….


          Defo one of the best out there…

          Can see how it could be addictive but like most others just be careful and take in moderation, if you have done a 1g in any one session then you have gone to far!

          enjoy it b careful


            Probably may seem like a stupid question but im curious

            Have had Methadrone just wondered what Methalone was like?

            Is it the same?

            What kind of buzz is it or not as the case may be


              Well My Girlfiend who is 24 uses this regular with me at weekends….

              She is a perfect for your story….O hang on you said bad experiences

              We only have f***** great times on it!


                @General Lighting 373130 wrote:

                there’s nothing abnormal about these feelings. You only get about 10 or so (maybe less) really good times with MDMA etc then it levels off permanently. This is just your brain’s survival mechanism, in the real, hostile, predatory world it is risky to be that loved-up and friendly as you could be putting yourself at danger, so your brain adjusts the “happiness levels” downwards to remind you of reality.

                Damn you are good lol


                  @Buzz 370874 wrote:

                  if you think that mephe even comes close to MDMA then you havent ever done MDMA lol……

                  Well I have done plenty of real MDMA and I do agree with you Buzz you don’t get that same euphoric loving feeling ya get with MDMA but it is closer than most of the other alternatives and C is that bad now it is better than that for a quater of the price


                    I can’t believe how much some of you consume of this stuff!!!

                    I have 1 gram over a full night into like 8.00am the next day and that is plenty to keep me going


                      I dont think the smell is that bad???

                      Either that or I am not getting the same stuff as the rest of you

                      Yes it has a smell but it aint all that, tastes like s*** wouldn’t like to dab it or anything


                        I can’t believe how unlucky some of you guys have been getting Meph for your plants

                        First source I tried came up trumps, never waited more than 3 days for delivery and allways the product is very good for my plants.

                        Although I wont be giving links to any sources or PM’s so don’t ask

                        Here is a tip!!!

                        When you are looking at these so called suppliers see what else they are selling

                        If they only have a few items then chances are it will be a swizz

                        If you come accross a site that has lots and lots of product’s then you are in with a good chance of getting good PLANT! food

                        happy hunting


                          @weekend.offender 369264 wrote:

                          i couldnt find any websites on the pages before other than a pop-up one, pm me please

                          Your kidding right??

                          never heard of google??


                            @General Lighting 369175 wrote:

                            some people just cannot snort it because it is way too harsh, a friend of mine is like that

                            Yes I know what he means think I will be in his club 😉


                              @Shorty81 369149 wrote:

                              The last few times i have had it, its been powdery like coke and easy to snort, the first time i did it, it was crystally like speed and impossible to snort so i swallowed it.

                              That being said i had more of a buzz from the crystal stuff, but that might be because it was my first time.

                              Well this stuff has lots of quite largish crystals in it so had to chop it down more so it could be snorted….I took 2 small lines last night as I was of work today coz it my b day. :weee:

                              Didnt have a drink so I could see if there was any effect while I was totally sober and not in an enviroment that could amplify the effects

                              Result : snorted 1st line and within 5 mins started to feel quite nice…not quite like Mandy but not to bad

                              Left it 30 mins then took the other line…by the time the hour came round i was feeling really good.

                              The downside : It hurt like f*** snorting this stuff my nose burned for probably 10 mins and then it worked it’s way to my throat owwwww 😥

                              It was that uncomftable that I couldn’t feel any effects until this went

                              Not sure if I will ever snort this again as I think it is just to uncomfortable

                              Thx for all your replies and advice guys



                                @General Lighting 369042 wrote:

                                Although I can understand peoples annoyance at being rickrolled the reason we no longer encourage open discussion of suppliers on this thread is one what is simply there to protect this site, its users, and even the on line sellers.

                                This is a rave site what has been going for 12 years. Every cop/fed/civil servant in the entire universe knows what we stand for. they also know that no one feeds their plants with mephedrone, they take it to get high.

                                the loophole is that its not illegal to sell or posess mephedrone provided it is not being used for human consumption. discussion of a supplier on a forum like this is the “missing link” that cops/feds can use to imply that clearly the stuff from that supplier is being used to get high.

                                then there was the sad incident of a pretty young 14 year old girl dying which gives the media/antis all the justification they need to take matters into their own hands with “undercover/vigilanté” stuff, the regulars don’t know if any new poster on here is “one of them” so its hardly surprising there is paranoia.

                                people in the UK have already been busted hard for mephedrone. OK the charges often won’t stick but the shame of their neighbours seeing them get the door busted off the hinges at 6am does stick…

                                Very good and well thought out post.

                                I can see the reasons for not posting up links on this site (common sense really)

                                I myself am frustrated of trying to find a source but come on…like another topic reads just google it

                                I am going down the buy it try it route, frustrating yes. will I find one that’s right for my plants in the end YES!

                                So come on guys use your heads


                                  @p0ly 369008 wrote:

                                  i’ll tell you if you get good drone, everytime i’ve had it it’s been in very very nice looking crystal or powder form. just has a very nice look to it. but the powder form varies in how sticky it is and how impure. i have seen some batches of mephe which have clearly been soaked in water to make it heavier.

                                  The stuff I have here is in powder form….as you look at it I would say it is very dry and not sticky at all

                                  But also is very glittery almost like it has glitter in it but its just reflextion of the very finely chopped crystals I think.

                                  But moves around freely and doesnt stick to the bag or anything I put it on

                                  Hope it aint soap powder lol


                                    @DJCliffy 368985 wrote:

                                    Don’t really know tbh mate. I haven’t had much dealings when it comes to drone. I’ve had it in crystal and powdery forms before and most typically it smells really bad. Usually the day after a drone binge you can smell it on you body and clothes.

                                    Have you done it before?

                                    Not never m8

                                    Done lots of C

                                    And good MDMA pills


                                      Hello guys

                                      Im sure I am going to get some daft responses to this thread but hey ho! if you don’t ask you don’t get to know.

                                      I have spent weeks going through different threads on this subject trying to find the answers to most of my questions.

                                      Some sites say watch out for smelly drone…others say watch out for flour type drone….

                                      other say that thier drone is re-crystalised to remove all impurities and smells

                                      So my qustion is….

                                      What should it look like

                                      any help you guys can give me would be great.



                                        When I saw it was you that posted that clicky and after reading lots of your replies to other questions on these forums.

                                        I can’t believe I actually clicked it…

                                        I knew it would’t be a link to drone but curiosity got the better of me knowing it would be something daft!

                                        Quality nice one lol


                                          @tlegato 368496 wrote:

                                          oh and the crystal is pure for defo, but leaves you wanting more and hits you harder but lasts less………………. still wicked though and 1 g more than enough for a good 10 hour session.

                                          I can’t believe how easy this stuff is to get…

                                          How do you know if you are getting what you pay for as every website I go on is saying exactly the same thing that they have the best 4-MMC

                                          Is there any way to test this stuff before you try it?

                                          I know it’s wrong to ask for a link to a good source but if you want to send me a link feel free 😉


                                            @General Lighting 368385 wrote:

                                            simple advice – its like stronger but happier speed, and if you don’t cane stupid amounts it won’t kill you.

                                            How much would you say is a safe amount coz it crystals I can only assume that bombing it is the best way to take

                                            When I have Pills I never take more than 2 and that is good MDMA ones, I don’t touch any that havent been tested.

                                            Any advice please guys and gals?

                                            appart from don’t touch it lol


                                              I have just ordered some 4-mmc from a website

                                              I have read so much diiferent info on this site that my head hurts

                                              In the end though sod it, finding a site to buy the stuff from was very easy and they all state the same thing it the best you can get, well someone is telling porkies lol

                                              So i took the plunge and went with one that looked ok they say it will come in very bright white crystal form? apparantly this is supposed to be free of impurities ect but I dont have a clue?

                                              So i will just see what happens when I give it a go this weekend.

                                              Wish I could get my hands on some more Puma’s then i wouldn’t need to try this crap lol

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