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Welcome to Party Vibe radio, the high defintion internet radio station. Please read these Terms of Use carefully and contact us with any questions. 1. Acceptance of Terms By accessing this Website, you agree that you have ... Read More »

January 01, 2016 0

Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy explains how we use and protect your information. If we ask you for any information you can be assured it will only be used in accordance with this Privacy Statement. We ... Read More »

January 01, 2016 0

Radio update

I’m part way through a huge update of all things to do to our radio station right now. Things to know are that I’m upgrading all our streams back up to 320kb/s streaming and ... Read More »

September 15, 2015 0

Music promo: Bryan Art’s Fresh Start

The following rhythm is now being promoted on our reggae music internet radio station. Send us your music promos for free airtime. — Bryan Art – Fresh Start EP DIGITAL RELEASE Release date: 11/22/2013 Tracks 01. Fresh Start 02. Knowledge ... Read More »

March 10, 2014 0

Music promo: Eastbound Riddim featuring Konshens

The following riddim is now being promoted on our reggae music internet radio station. Send us your music promos for free airtime. — Eastbound Riddim is a brand new reggae juggling from Kaeczar Music Group (Washington DC), ... Read More »

March 10, 2014 0

Setting up Shoutcast Streaming

So you want to run an Internet radio station? Great! Nullsoft have a solution for you. It’s called Shoutcast. Now it works like this. You have a DJ broadcasting to a server. This server listens ... Read More »

February 22, 2014 2

Audience figures for the year 2013

Some figures for last year. Total listener minutes: 72585843 minute(s) Total listening hours (TLH): 1209764.05 Total sessions: 1432219 session(s) Average session length: 50.7 minute(s) Total data transfer: 148.6 TB Average data transfer: 108.8 MB Unique listeners: 785879 listener(s) Unique Countries: 224 countries

January 10, 2014 0

Audience figures for December 2013

I’m pleased to say that we saw the following audience figures in December 2013. Total listener minutes: 9077823 minute(s) Total listening hours (TLH): 151297.05 Total sessions: 214231 session(s) Average session length: 42.4 minute(s) Total data transfer: 19.2 TB Average data ... Read More »

January 10, 2014 0