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I’m part way through a huge update of all things to do to our radio station right now. Things to know are that I’m upgrading all our streams back up to 320kb/s streaming and testing secondary mount points at 128kb/s and 64kb/s sound quality for people on slower internet connections or mobile devices. I’ve fixed our meta data issues. I’m working my way through all the playlists, with the Ambient and Rap stations done already and I’m part way through a really big update of the Psytrance channel which should be live in about 24 hours or so and features some amazing new tunes. And I’ve also cleaned up a number of lesser configuration issues which needed attention and tidying up all our playlists in general.

I hope you like the changes. As always let me know if you notice any issues.



The psychedelic trance stream update is now done. I’ve cleaned up the reggae stream’s playlist which had some issues. And the 64kb/s and 128kb/s alternative mount points are live for rap, breabeat, dubstep and electro channels.

So I’ve now ditched the 64kb/s streams which seemed a bit pointless in this day and age. However all the streams are now at 320kb/s again and the 6 busiest channels have 128kb/s alternatives. I’ve also finished updating the reggae stream’s playlist in what turned out to be a sizeable updated with lots of new promotional material having sat waiting. Anyway for those with an interest the earlier update to the psychedelic trance stream amounted to the addition of 15% new tunes while this reggae update amounts to 25%.


Next up an update to the Pop / Indie channel. Should be done in a few hours with something around 20% new music.

The Pop / Indie stream update is live now.

I’m almost now done updating what has been the rock channel which now has many new tracks for an increase of 3750%. And is now officially a rock / country / jazz / easy listening channel.

Never one to take a break. I’m busy working yet another update to the psychedelic trance stream which will be live in the next 12 hours and feature the a huge number of the latest tracks released exclusively within the last 8 month from a variety of record labels amounting to a 15% refresh of the playlist.

The psytrance channel update is live now although I had to cut it down to about an 8% refresh because on reflection I didn’t like many of the tracks I originally selected. Anyway I also have an update to the ambient channel running through audio processing right now too which should be live in about 15 minutes for a 6% refresh.

The ambient update is live now too.

I’ve just completed a 5% refresh of the Techno channel playlist. All singles, no mixes.


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