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    Hi im Video Clash and I would like to talk to you about the importance of free parties!

    When I first started going to raves and free parties the thing that struck me was the incredible vibe that these kinds of parties had that you just didn’t find anywhere else. They weren’t big nights with super famous DJs. They were small, intimate affairs held in little clubs, grungy pubs and old industrial units.

    Everybody went for the music and their passion was what fed the vibe that defined these places. You just couldn’t compare them with super clubs or any other kind of nightclub experience. They had a kind of ethos and identity about them that set them apart because they stood for something. They meant something to the people that put them on and the regulars that came to every event.

    So why, at a time when no one has any money, does nobody put on good free parties? Rave culture was born in an era of recession and repression, so you think that today the idea of free parties would be more prevalent than ever.

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    …put on a good free party then dude!

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    hadn’t even noticed this post, but I don’t understand this chap and where he is coming from – If I were Italian (a race where the blokes are often viewed as exotic and attractive to the girls/women) I wouldn’t use Gavin as my street/screen name 😉 – especially on what is probably one of the most right on multicultural euro-friendly forums around these days :laugh_at:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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Forums The Vibe Introductions why FREE PARTIES are important..

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