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    @d.r.e.a.m 381153 wrote:

    Of topic a tiny bit…But YEARS ago I had a CD called terrordrome 4 (if any of you have a copy of this or the other ones pls pls pls send us a copy as been desperate to get hold of it again!!!!) any way was listening to 1 track onthere (its a well hard gabba tek cd) an well basically I had a crystle pig from that dolton crystle factory you see the pig was hollwed out with a 5p peice in it,any how I’m SERIOUSLY slamming it out (cant rememmber the name of the track) was playing thro a smale mini sys but it had a power output of 400 watts per chanel, anyway long story short the bass had stoped and there was some screeming mid/tops was watching the speakers (the pig was on topof 1) only to see my crystle pig crack n then a hole pop open in it from the volume n frequency of the wonderfull high bpm gabba, needless to say I was WELL impressd, crackd some crystle thro the power of tekno, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!raaa

    Haven’t tried to DL it but…

    *Deleted link*

    I didn’t try to DL, but I got a virus from somewhere when I switched th’interne off after posting this message.

    Sorry about that, you might have some better luck if you google it yourself =)


    couldnt find a good quality version of the original done by noize suppressor . Not the hardest , but it is pretty hard . i like :weee:


    Poka and Stella Michelson are the mentalest by far. anyone disagree?


    @kai 5699 wrote:

    Yes sounds of the Lenny Dee! Couldn’t agree more man!

    Was (to my shame) reading last months Mixmag and there was an article on this subject. Apparently, they claim the hardest tune ever is a tune by Moby which he made as a piss take which clocks in at over 1000BPM. Personally i think they are mistaking speed with hardness though – a common mistake imo. The two are not the same thing at all. For instance while there is a lot of speedcore out there at the moment a lot of it isn’t actually that hard a beat as some of the hardness is lost when playing at such speeds. OK, its fucking hard, but the ‘slower’ gabba stuff is often a lot harder.

    This is the moby tune you were thinking of…



    Doen’t even come close to this badboy though…


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Forums Music Whats the HARDEST song ever?

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