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    a big hello to all the groovy movers in wales, just wanted to make an introduction. i’m new to the area (south wales), just wondered if anyone knew any good club nights i can go to to get an introduction!
    know you guys can’t give any info here of the ‘where’s the party at in *****’ variety but would be cool if someone could PM me with some pointers, cheers! am intrigued by the private parties malarkey, and can assure you guys im not ob, just interested in some decent raving outside of shite clubs!
    p.s amelia, you’re the gal off squatjuice who replied to my post non?

    AvatarDJ FATTMAN

    if u r lookin for clubbin u want to check out:


    Journey @ red rooms
    Bionic @ Evo (1st fri of the month)
    TranceFusion (Just changing venue)
    HolloDeck @ Welsh Club

    Try going to for more clubbin stuff

    Bristol clubbin

    Check Lakota out normally got a good nite going.

    Other than that for free parties keep an eye out for for FRU parties and CTN, Kaotik and ToothDust, they always throw a good party. Best place i find the info @ is either here or on SJ.


    Hello people, have only just registered on here so pls feel free to say hello.

    Ceri – where abouts in SW are u? I’m in SW and prob could give you some info on parties round here… as long as you’re not the law! :bounce_g:

    AvatarDJ FATTMAN

    welcome to da board, theres been a big influx of welsh party goers on here recently.


    rest assured i’m not ob, not exactly sure how i could prove this either way, but i do intend to stick around these forums and get my arse to a party at some point!
    i’m at cardiff, apparently ‘europe’s youngest capital city’ or some shite! where are you at josie? if you could share any knowledge on rigs that’d be fab.
    dj fattman, thanks for the tip, think i might drop by one of your nights in cardiff if i can!
    ciao for now x

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    DJ Fattman pretty much explained the names of the Welsh crews – there may also be one called Celtic Resistance which was about at dragonmoot.

    I’ve been to a couple of Welsh parties in the last two years (every so often they link up with the English crews) – but due to the distance involved can only get up there every so often….

    as for the worries over newbies being cops (or heddlu 😉 ) in 14 years of raving and over 5 years of this messageboard being online I have not known this to happen. it would be a difficult way of getting info that could be obtained more easily from other sources such as simple area surveillance and CCTV monitoring.

    We get cops on here every so often but they are obvious in their activities (one force even registered and posted a message to warn people in their area off having raves there!).

    Welsh forces do check the internet quite closely (in fact NWP/HGC was one of the first forces to monitor the internet back in 1998, and went as far as getting a court order on an ISP to divulge user details and home address) , but they are usually looking for for blatant stuff like flyers, locations and partylines on open public sites.

    I have been told by a number of people inside and outside Wales that the reason the heddlu re often so “nosey” is simply because there is not a lot else to do in some areas – bar (baa?) lost/stolen livestock and domestic violence. Exactly the same applies to many rural areas of England or Scotland, and raves are classed as medium level rural crime nowadays…

    Lets face up to the facts though, cops will turn up anyway at a rave as soon as the locals realise it is going on and call 999 to complain about noise/traffic. What happens after – whether it is stopped or not – depends on how much spare resources the cops have and how much disruption the event is causing.

    Being too paranoid about newbies on messageboards won’t stop parties being busted but may deter sound new people which are always needed on the scene….


    The heddlu in wales aren’t too bad when it comes to free parties, when i tried to get to the UKTek the police stopped me in my car and politley asked where i was going (so i told them) and the very nice officer said that he couldn’t let me take my car on to the mountain, but i was more than welcome to park it behind his and he’d keep an eye on it for me…
    But there are always assholes, if you so much as look at them the wrong way it’s rubber gloves on and full body search (yuk!). It’s just important to keep your wits about you and know your rights as a raver!


    haha yeah the welsh police seem like the types bored enough to break up parties, i mean what else goes on here? bit of bestality but sadly nothing of any other criminal interest!
    is there a big party contingent in south wales? i hadnt even realised!


    thanks to all for the tips! very welcoming of ya. will no doubt see you around sometime soon, and feel free to pm me if something comes up!



    AvatarDJ FATTMAN

    yeah i got told it was a wicked 1. i was ment to be goin to it after playin bristol, but when we left the club around 6.30 we realized our car had been broken into, but us on a downer so didnt go up in the end.


    big up the south west massive ravin to the early mooornin out in da stix wer u cnt find us ahhhhhhhhh, drum n bassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss in ur face. dont u looove it!

    billy jo wrote:
    big up the south west massive ravin to the early mooornin out in da stix wer u cnt find us ahhhhhhhhh, drum n bassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss in ur face. dont u looove it!

    were you in front of the DnB rig for halloween?

    nice one


    Which part o south wales.

    I run and dj for COOL AS U LIKE in newport, south wales!

    its in the cotton club, town centre!

    We cater for techno, trance, hard house, hard trance, hardstyle…just about everything hard!


    also in South Wales, and new to this forum :o)
    if you get the chance you must check out FRU.
    also club in Swansea, Monkey cafe, some brill nights to be had there

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