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      I am a bristol based artist who also runs the native beats sound system in the south east, more specifically the primal visions, the native VJ outfit. at the mo things are a bit tits up, i have no job, dropped uni, need to move, the equipments in brighton and im in bristol i dont have a car and im skint.

      APPART from that im a fully functioning vj (come down the brighton ocean rooms on the 21st and check it out)

      The wicked thing about VJing is that noone is really a don yet- the tech moves faster than the people so there is always new tricks to learn. i use a g4powerbook, a wide throw lens proj (hassle, have to be near screen) and ARKAOS vj program.

      im looking for anyone with any knowledge of the art of VJing, and visual artists who want thier work shown wrapped round a tunnel spiralling into infinity or tiled on the floor or wavin like a flag behind some amazin Drum n Bass n Hiphop…

      we need more groovy lookin parties (checkout fatmooners and tribe of frog for how cool it can be) and vjing is the way forward.

      Not only that but it gets art out of those boring dead gallery spaces where the man keeps it locked up and into the world of real, free expression and perception. So gimme your pics and vid and animations, i’ll blast them at our next night.

      General Lighting

        nice one – I will eventually get round to doing some video editing etc..

        got so much raw footage which needs editing – the irony is although I’ve got the kit most of my time at the moment is spent in the office where I do some very “uncreative” corporate type stuff to provide accountants and managers with figures and statistics.

        When the weekend comes I’ve been trying to stay away from being locked in my room, to conquer my shyness and go out and meet real people – so I often end up with loads of experiences, and the digital images to go with them but not much time to edit them.

        Nowadays even if I am working with technology I like to be with other people to exchange ideas and to show them what I am doing. My days of being a solitary techie ended in the 1980s when I was a young teen; the party scene changed all that.

        things are looking up though as me and my friends are trying to set up a base for all kinds of creative activities and we are getting near the stage of finding a suitable place – like the dream you mentioned; so I’ll keep everyone updated as it develops.


          Originally posted by USE
          I am a bristol based artist
          You a bristle lad is it? where you from abouts? do you go partyin much?
          I live in easton and recently been goin down the black swan loads.
          Pritty bored of it now tho and they play the same SHIT every week.
          TRINITYS cool tho, maybe seed ya round.peace


            “You a bristle lad is it? where you from abouts?”

            Not any more mate, im comin back to bristle when my head can take it…. check this crap out an tell me what you think..


            if anyone knows what im on about, its probably you.

            im now without residence floating round brighton area trying to work out wtf to do, been workin on the vj skills.. if anyone is in the area and want a go on the key board, come to our next night or email me on

            hope to get some more frequent gigs vjing so if anyone wants some trippiness on tap, gimme a shout. if any one has any images they want to email me or let me know about or whatever, that would be much appreciated and you’ll get a credit on our first dvd. promise.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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