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      is ther any other heads out there who take care of the visual side of their rig. Native Beats has been goin since 01/01/01 and ive been makin the banners since the start. ive got netting, bought marqees, painted, sprayed, sratched and stenciled, hung fabic and rope from trees and sown mandalas from string and hula hoops. in the last nine months we have aquired a video projector and have been running arkaos mixed witha vision mixer to winamp auto visualisation. we call ourselves PRIMAL VISIONS, as a brother of NATIVE BEATS. we are up for helpin other rigs and gettin shared knowledge on the subject.
      its been well hard motivating ourselves to do something not essential to the parties, and not always appreciated or even noticed in its, but asstounding when pulled off correctly. it would be great to hear for other artists and vjs, as at my uni in bristol, myt tutors know dick all……this is the primalvisions/native beats vj setup:

      Toshiba TLP-260 Digital Projector 800×600 – 1700 lumens wide-throw lens. – £1400

      Arkaos VJ software – get cracked to start with if you get into serious, buy it £200

      G4 1.25ghz powerbook – £2000

      Edirol PCR 30 MIDI Controller kyboard £150

      Edirol V4 Video Mixer £800

      Winamp AVS from audio input -free

      Toshiba 1800ghz pc with win2k – £900

      JVC DVL 820U DV Camera – £500

      not all was full price, but still it dents your wallet and no mistake…such fun tho. the technology is constantly evolving, the medium is in such infancy, that no one has really mastered techniques.. so satisfying watchin people trippin out, or rushing up to telling how sick it looked.

      the main fun feature is that arkaos controlled by a midi key board, with loads of images and effects and clips, the keyboard has loads of knobs and sliders to control the effect variables. the mixer has around thiirtyfive effects and stuff, is used to blend with the pre programmed stuff from winamp when we want abreak or a boogie..sweeeeeeeeeet.

      if any one wants to display work theyre proud of, drop me an email..

      we are available to help any other parties who can convince us to bother. we can travel good luck to any one starting out, any questions to


        If you know someone who might be interested in a vj collaboration or just sharing some ideas and advice, on any thing relatd to decor / visuals, if you want stuff shown, or to come to one of our nights, or aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanything ……..

        im not desperate, just enthusiastic and impatient…….

        bumpety bump bump bump……….

        shouts to Floroworld and Project Ozma!


          where the vj crew at ?
          who wants to give me a van and a mill so i can doa million gigs………..missions,
          i have been ill as fuckfor a couple o weeks so have donenowt, even missed the free party under the bridge in bristol, but sounds phat. still there is peyote about now so all is well…..

          ………to all the heads sorting out their rig excrursions, i envy you, but wish you all the luck and success in the world, my brothers and sisters.

          summer love sensations softly soothing souls…..
          rays wraping ringed receptors wrought revolutionary rights, holding tight, miake it right, now we drift into the night



            (had to be done-i’m on amission here)

            actually more to the point- any one want some visuals at freepaties/clubnights? primal visions is at your disposal……


              Hi Use
              I know where you are coming from since i set up FATMOON psychedelic playgrounds last year i too have
              ‘ got netting, painted, sprayed, scratched and stenciled, hung fabic and rope from trees and sown mandalas from string and hula hoops.’ as well as papermache massive mushrooms, photocopy onto A0 paper, jigsawed, mended ,stapled, body painted, sewn glued and made something from nothing!!!!

              the one thing we do not have is very much money, so as yet i only have 2 solar projectors and a couple of sound to light gobo’s tonnes of uv strips and a smoke machine to add to my visual eye candy. I would dearly love to be able to buy video projectors, but can always provide something very pretty to project onto or through,

              so if you are up for a little trip, you are always welcome!

              our parties are always very ‘pretty’. people frequently comment on how much effort the decor must take but we think it is sooo worth while and important, we feel it is as important as getting thr music right,
              you have to set the scene right to get the feelings right!
              love and laughter
              cheryl FATMOON


                just hit this post old post and thought id reinvigorate it.
                nice amount of kit you got there. notbeen in the game for too long. onlygot one source, need to make the leap into hardware and get a video mixer.
                im a user of resolume as well, not too much of a fan of arkaos, prefer the layout of res. its hgot exactlythe same function of using a midibox to control which clips start, its just not layedout in the same way. thinkyou get more control as you have to assign each controller to a function. but only tried the demo od arkaos so not really used it properly

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