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    General Lighting

    just got sourceforge working on a VPS somewhere in the Netherlands and linked it to the main VFR Europe server (and some others) – it needs a fair bit of resources (its taking a good bite out CPU time of 2 cores of a blade server) but given the amount of real time DSP its doing thats not so bad.

    now I can finally schedule shows so they play out at exactly the time I expect them to.. and also do live shows a lot easier than with centovacast (its as good as having a proper old skool switcher in the CTA) and pre records are easier to schedule

    This is the current schedule (the UMEK, Robbie4Ever and Blake Baltimore shows will be the most recent ones), shows deliberately repeat in blocks so that listeners in Asia and USA nations can still hear them at a convenient time..

    I haven’t worked out what to do about weekends yet though Trance Anarchy will be slotted in there and I hope to start doing live shows again..

    of course any more shows are welcome, I’ve expanded the genres to cover breaks/electro as well – though basically the BPM does not go to much over 145.

    NB: All times are CET


    Dr Bunsen

    Is that Airtime you’re using now?

    General Lighting

    yes, that is just a cropped bit of a screenshot from the web-based front end. (I also have since filled in the gaps in the schedule that should not have been there) :sign0007:

    General Lighting

    This is the VFR Europe current TX schedule for week commencing 2013-09-23 (minus gaps). I am now able to update UMEK and Robbies shows as soon as I get them…

    Any new mixes appreciated, they can be pre-recorded but must be at least 192k mp3 source material and either at standard EBU level (-18dBFS “zero level”) or processed to max level -0.1 dBFS (but not clipped/redlined!). You can share them as a private soundcloud share or by various other methods (its even better if there is an easy link to use from a Linux command line as I can then download them for ingest at the speed of the NL datacentre rather than upload them from my local machines via slow UK broadband!)

    UK CET Show Title
    05:00 06:00 DJ Max D (RS)
    06:00 07:00 UMEK 1605 (SI)
    07:00 08:00 NSR Cathouse Point (UK)
    08:00 09:00 DJ Nico (BE)
    09:00 10:00 UMEK 1605 (SI)
    10:00 11:00 UMEK Behind the Iron Curtain (SI)
    11:00 12:00 DJ Mumbles (CA)
    12:00 13:00 DJ Max D (RS)
    13:00 14:00 Biotech – Totem (UK)
    14:00 15:00 Biotech – Titch (UK)
    15:00 16:00 NSR Cathouse Point (UK)
    16:00 17:00 DJ Mumbles (CA)
    17:00 18:00 Robbie4Ever – Trance Kingdom (NL)
    18:00 19:00 Robbie4Ever – Trance Anarchy (NL)
    19:00 20:00 UMEK – Behind the Iron Curtain (SI)
    20:00 21:00 UMEK – 1605 (SI)
    21:00 22:00 NSR Cathouse Point (UK)
    22:00 23:00 Blake Baltimore (US) – Abandon Logic 007
    00:00 01:00 DJ Mumbles (CA)
    01:00 02:00 Biotech – Totem (UK)
    02:00 03:00 Biotech – Titch (UK)
    03:00 04:00 Blake Baltimore (US) – Abandon Logic 007

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