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    General Lighting

    Started to add the Syndicast shows back in so Umek, Omnia and Moonbeam are back 🙂

    Also as Robbie4Ever has stopped with the Trance Kingdom/Trance Anarchy mixes 😥 I am repeating the back catalogue of his mixes

    VFR Europe TX schedule 2014-12-09
    All times CET

    0000 Abandon Logic / Blake Baltimore (US)
    0200 Klangraum Podcast (DE)
    0500 Candy Cox (ES) + Bruchrille (DE)
    0800 Dropamine 005 / Marco & Timo (IT)
    0900 Ticket to the Moon / Moonbeam (UK)
    1000 Discotesque / Ulf Alexander (DE)
    1100 Robbie4ever / the legend lives on repeat loop (NL)
    1200 Abandon Logic / Blake Baltimore (US)
    1400 Umek – Behind the Iron Curtain (SI)
    1500 AFM Radio – Gone in 60 Minutes (AT)
    1600 Robbie4ever / the legend lives on repeat loop (NL)
    1700 Tech Factory –Mario Giordano (CH)
    1800 Robbie4ever / the legend lives on repeat loop (NL)
    2000 Omnia Music (UA)
    2100 Dropamine 006 / Marco & Timo (IT)
    2200 Monument Podcast (NO)
    2300 DJ Massie (NL)

    SMS : 00 44 7510 466285 / twitter @vfrmedia

    links and 192k MP3 HTML5 player here

    VFR Europe Internet Radio » rtn VFRmedia

    direct links (bookmark them in your device)

    192k MP3:

    96k AAC-LC :

    128k MP3 HTML5 player here (EXPERIMENTAL) seems to work though

    VFR Europe mediaplayer test » rtn VFRmedia

    General Lighting

    NB: as of 2014-12-10 00:11 UK time only the 192k stream is working; due to some faults at / .com / .de – the entire DNS resolution has gone titsup so the earthstation cannot work properly :cry : (Alles ist wirklich kaputt!) Thankfully NL and UK parts of the system are still working (I knew it wasn’t that hare brained an idea to host bits of it in 3 separate European countries)

    General Lighting

    Updare 2014-12-10 09:50 : 1and1 have sent me a somewhat belated email that they are aware the earthstation server is kaputt but with no ETR (at least my blog is still going) I have temporarily routed the 96kAAC to stream direct from NL to UK (I don’t normally like doing this as it canes the airtime server and exacerbates cumulative annoyances like playout timing drift and occasional database corruption)


    should now work with a 96kAAC stream raaa

    General Lighting

    update 2014-12-10 22:04 : 1and1 vps is still kaputt (at least the blog / emails etc are working again); luckily I had spare capacity on a VPS in NL I use to host a helpdesk system for work so have moved the “earthstation” to there (it takes up a good 25% of CPU at full tilt – although it seems to coexist well enough with the helpdesk system). So all the other links / HTML5 player are working again raaa

    Not sure what might happen when the German VPS comes back up and liquidsoap starts up automatically as a service – although from what I’ve read so far icecast shouldn’t let it connect to the mountpoints that are already there…

    General Lighting

    Now added Del Amore;s latest show to the 00:00 – 02:00 CET slot (just right for both Europe and Asia as he is from LK)

    1and1 did eventually come back – they also shut off my VPS at the container/panel (which I suspected they might do although they didn;t send a further email to warn me) – the good news is that icecast is smart enough not to let two sources connect at once.. I’m currently reimaging the German server anyway so they are all on Debian Wheezy (it had Ubuntu on it for some reason; can’t remember why as I prefer Debian for headless/command line use and I’m not smart enough to understand some of the other distros..

    General Lighting

    some updates:

    from 23:00 CET (22:00) UK tonight DJ Massie’s Xmas special mix is on air
    00:00 to 01:00 CET (immediately after) a hardtechno mix from Miss Mallory in Berlin from October
    01:00 to 04:00 CET Julyukie @ Nature One (Acid Wars Bunker) 03.08.13
    followed by a repeat of Korno’s mix korno 44324 vfr processed
    04:00 to 05:00 CET DJ Luka with a “stocking full of wonk”
    05:00 to 07:00 Ionic Benton with some experimental techno
    07:00 to 08:00 Blake Baltimore Transparent Waves guest mix

    currently DEL amore follows but I might put some harder stuiff in the schedule for 2 more hours as its the weekend 🙂

    for some reason the player from this site doesn’t work so there’s one here + the other links

    General Lighting

    now added to the loop :

    1700 : new 1605 sessions (SI)
    1800: Ticket to the Moon (new) (RU/UK)
    1900: DJ Mumbles I know u got soul 24 (US)
    2000: Onmia (new) (UA)
    2100: Dropamine best of 2014 mix (IT)
    2200: Special track from Kryptm (IE) followed by Blake Baltimore (US) 1 hr guest mix
    2300: DJ Massie Xmas special (NL)

    and more to follow for tomorrow raaa

    General Lighting

    tonight at 21:00 CET (20:00 UK) psytrance mix from Tantrum; then Kryptm promo track, blake baltimore and the New Year Massie mix raaa

    General Lighting

    new 1605 , Ticket to the Moon and Omnia shows added to the loop 🙂

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