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    Unfortunately been very busy with my day job and added to this an obscure bug in Sourceforge Airtime knackered the playout, knocking VFR off air. I’d noticed this before but caught it as it happened at a weekend when I was monitoring, and blamed it on my own errors getting timezones mixed up in spite of CET time being displayed prominently on the screen and a separate clock set for this purpose.

    It turns out it is indeed a bug that adds an extra show into the schedule on top of what might already be there and thus can confuse the whole lot (as the playout tries to stream two things at once into the same servers, and of course the whole thing goes tits up) unless you look ahead to check that every repeat show actually has content and/or listen to the stream to ensure it is there. To be fair this sort of thing regularly happens with playout systems at the BBC that cost a lot more especially since they cut back on tech ops who would stop these things quickly before the listeners noticed…

    The good news is that I’ve used this opportunity to catch up with updating Umek and Robbie’s shows, and introduced another one from the Del Amore crew Sri Lanka (not a country I would previously have associated with house music!). The link via PVR is below.. I will try and put up an updated schedule as I’ve moved a couple of things around but there should always be something playing 24/7….

    Listen to House Music on VFR Radio

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Forums Radionics Radio Promotion VFR Europe – more updates..