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    General Lighting

    was going to “relaunch” last week but had to reinstall OS on NL server yet again as the grub bit got hosed by some updates going tits up

    currently playing Korno’s latest mix

    Listen to House Music on VFR Radio

    at 04:00 CET (03:00 UK) Dark Beat factory
    06:00 CET robbie4ever trance anarchy

    and more updates as I fill up the schedule blocks again

    128 AAC :
    96 AAC :

    (you will have to copy these links manually to your device at the moment and use something like deadbeef on Android as I’ve got to remember which details I sent TuneIn)

    General Lighting

    Now on the new Internet – Radio servers; the VFR player on here is working again.

    Hat tip to DJ Massie for alerting me to all these excellent mixes…

    This is the current schedule (was inspired by some retro German telecoms kit I’d been watching on youtube) – any more content always welcome.

    Will be testing live show functionality again (the sticking point is how to deal with over/underruns without dead air; it can be done using Icecast mountpoints but I’ve got to work out what Madpsy explained to me. There should always be something – if the stream goes silent then send me a text/tweet or a message on here; sometimes there are bugs that crash Shoutcast especially,

    mobile listeners ; if you are listening whilst cycling or driving always use a player that lets you bookmark the streams as shortcuts and that (mobile networks permitting) is reliable and then put the device in your pocket (many cycling jacket have a front pocket for this purpose) or glove compartment and leave it there.

    the stream can cut out if you get network congestion but road safety comes first (like when I was going downhill at 40 km/h and there were 3 kids from high school on their bikes slowly coming uphill) – restarting the stream can wait until I get to the field where the geese are (the H+ signal reappears there, I’ve played the stream to the geese and ponies before :laugh_at:)


    General Lighting

    Minor update as the Hessenkessel (witches cauldron) repeats were too close; I swapped one for Digital Knecht (Knecht is an old German name which is roughly equivalent to klompenboer in NL) – apologies for bad handwriting (hardly better than it was in 1984, probably slightly worse due to constantly using computers) but it was quicker than redoing the electronic document.

    If I uee any cheap French/Chinese biro or anything other than the German 0,3mm fibre tip pens or a proper pen the whole lot becomes even more unreadable..


    Haven’t found any more recent Klangraum podcasts which is a shame; as thats the first time I’ve heard an EDM podcast (that wasn’t also part funded by a public service broadcaster) in a language other than English; OK I could only understand about half of it as my Hochdeutsch isn’t that good; but it is particularly well produced (including a phone interview with one of the producers…)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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Forums Radionics Internet Radio VFR Europe back on air with new schedule