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    I have been experimenting with a direct install of Liquidsoap because of some issues with Sourcefabric Airtime and longer content items (such as pre-recorded shows) These streams are being played out as live from EPC1 via soundprocessing; a 192k MP3 stream is being automatically transcoded to AAC 128k and 96k (the old AAC, not the AAC+, I did give that a go but couldn’t get the encoder to compile and there is no advantage in using it above 96k AAC-LC which is I think is the very lowest bitrate tolerable for music)

    they will remain on air for the rest of the weekend (they are playing out different content from the usual VFR Europe stream). I will try and keep these mountpoints up as long as possible; this is an experimental setup and the audio may be abruptly replaced with gaps, noise or any amount of “üüü” tones (I will least try not to do this by accident and put a warning in the metadata if possible)

    AAC 128 :
    AAC 96 :

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