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    Lamat Records Presents
    VA – One Planet Compiled by Dirty Phreak & Godbass –  OUT SOON !!

    Label: Lamat Records
    CD:  VA – One Planet
    Format: Digital CD
    Compiled By: Dirtyphreak & Godbass
    Mastered By:  Xenrox
    Artwork By: Cuatro Mack
    Distributed By: Amazon , Bandcamp, Beatspace, Spotify, I tunes, Psyshop

    The single biggest threat to our planet is the destruction of our beloved habitat and along the way the loss of precious life. This compilation is our humble and kind effort to reach a balance where people, habitat and wild- life can co-exist.
    The Earth is all we have in common. What we stand for, is what we stand on. There is no Planet B so let’s try to do our bit and contribute for the well-being of our environment.  All of the proceeds of this album will be donated for this very humble purpose.

    Track list

    01) Organoise – Forest and Fries – 156 BPM
    02) Onismo (Btoxik & Dasadhu) – West beta 170 BPM
    03) Popek- Organic Clemency – 172 BPM
    04) Select Project – Dugara Metaform rmx – 175 BPM
    05) Behind Language (Insector & Kokobloko) – Advanced Forward – 175
    06) Loose Connection – Jelly Brain (Killatk Rmx) – 180 BPM
    07) Bodhi & Cilium – Pressure Drop – 180 BPM
    08) Alien Chaos – Molecular Collision – 180 BPM
    09) Extraterrestrial –  Veredor – 188 BPM
    10) Tzolkin Project. – Bal’ak 188 BPM
    11) System Crash – Nun – 190 BPM
    12) Deadhead – Zero 195 BPM
    13) Nebula – Towards The End – 196 BPM
    14) Dirty Phreak – No. One Reason – 198 BPM
    15) Dark Whisper – Sao Amazonia 220 BPM

    Bonus Track
    Pharmacy Kids Story (Mad Scientist & Mimic Vat) – Game Over

    Lamat Records Website:

    CD Description

    DISCLAIMER: All the proceeds of this album shall be donated for the benefit of the Amazon.

    Lamat Records is honored and thrilled to present VA One PLANET compiled by Dirty Phreak & Godbass. In Association with Alice-D Production, Fantazy Records, Insane Azylum ManiacPsychoPro, OVNI Records &  ZuluTunes.

    By the power bestowed upon us, together we have had the great honor and privilege of combining the genius minds of the finest artist in the world and collaborated in assembling this beast of 15 tracks album that is bound to take you on the journey of a lifetime! Enter the shamanic dimensions as these slamming tracks wait for you.

    The lungs of our planet are burning and this is our effort to do our bit. There is no Planet B.

    Sample Previews coming soon

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