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    A good personal friend of mine and old resident DJ on our sound system (Section 47). We used to put on parties in and around london between the nineties and early-mid 2000’s where we would be playing anything and everything from Hardtrance, Techno, Hard acid to gabber. Probably never heard of us because we didn’t advertise and it was strictly an invite from our mailing list or word of mouth type of thing (wink wink). Anyways, here’s a set i’ve enjoyed for long enough so thought i’d share and hope some other people out there aside from our regulars would enjoy the sort of stuff (If only a small taste) we’d be playing around North and Central London on a regular basis. Wicked bloke, wicked DJ and wicked set from Andy M. A nice ‘n hard Techno set. Hope you enjoy


    I conquered the tidy links for youtubes here’s hoping i conquered them for soundcloud too lol

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