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    Taken from EASF (East Anglia Social Forum)

    I know a few of you from the local area are also part of bands as well as being interested in raves, and TBH the fight against “noise nimbys” affects everyone (especially as music-friendly pubs are often the places local promoters use for more underground events)

    I can’t understand why people select flats above pubs and then complain about noise (or why the council actually listen to them!) FFS its all quiet after closing time anyway…

    Second Norwich music venue under threat posted on Sat 09th December, 2006 by EASF
    A petition has been raised to try and save a music venue in Norwich after a single complaint led to a noise abatement order against the pub this week.

    The Romany Pub in Colman Road could find itself unable to put on live music after a resident living upstairs from the building complained about its sets, which have been running since December of last year. If it is forced to close, it will be the second independent music venue to see the axe in the city this year after the Ferryboat closed at the end of May.

    The Romany hosts a vast array of music from karaoke, jam nights, a new band night and a night for established local and touring acts from around the globe.

    The petition (see link) has already seen over 100 signatures, and was put up by ‘jimi_the_vox’, a poster on alternative music forum He said: “We have seen in the past how quickly inaction can affect the well-being for the future of live music in our fine city. We have gone from contenders for the European City Of Culture in 2004 to a city with little to look forward to because of the loss of so many avenues to play live music.

    ”Do your bit! Please sign this petition, then pass the link to everyone you know through your email address books, MySpace and the various forums you may be registered with.

    Norwich as a very rich heritage in live music. Let’s keep it that way before they close ALL of our music venues.”

    ‘Chimmers’, another poster to the forum, said: “I’m sick of the contemptuous way the Council deal with certain sides of the ‘alternative’ culture – how is anything we offer in the way of entertainment any different than the events they deem ‘okay’?

    “We just want to be able to get ourselves heard hassle-free, play music for fun and hopefully entertain people on a night out. Not have to fight to put on a gig anywhere and have it ruined by a newly-installed limiter.”
    To find out about the earlier closure of the Ferryboat in May, go to

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Forums Music Music Events & Venues UK : East : Norwich live music venues under threat from nimbys

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