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      Today it is M-butylone…

      This time I remembered to check my heart rate before starting, and obtain two accurate time sources – one digital clock linked to MSF, and I treated myself to a new wristwatch this week (I have wanted a chronograph with hands about 20 years but have only been recently able to afford one, plus they now have MSF / DCF77 atomic radio time raaa)

      For those who do not know me, I currently weigh 67kg and am 1.64m tall, and am a male aged 38 years of mixed British Asian ancestry – my fathers side of the family is originally from the Hokkien Chinese of South China. (This may be important for scientific purposes as East / SE Asians apparently have faster metabolic rates – can anyone with medical knowledge confirm this?)

      For the benefit of those outside the UK, all times are currently BST (UTC+01:00)

      11:37 – checked resting heart rate, 60-65 bpm at relaxation. Previous experiments show this to me my normal RHR (which apparently means I am in good fitness).

      My sober heart rate does fluctuate a lot, reaching 70+ as soon as I am mentally active and 80-90+ depending on physical activity.

      11:40 – insufflated what I would say is 50mg of the m-butylone in two lines. Compared to 4-MMC this stuff is relatively odourless – also (a big bonus) it does not cane your nose half as much!

      11:45 – RHR now up to 70-75, I am definitely aware I have taken an amfetamine-type stimulant. A slight feeling of tightness in the chest – however I get this in the mornings sometimes anyway – this may be due to hay fever or the remnants of chronic (but minor) upper respiratory tract virus/bug which has been plaguing me for some months. Also, there is a uncomfortable elastic strap round my chest with a electronic device on it for the heart rate monitor!

      12:00 – RHR 75 at relaxation, easily reaching 80-100 active (as in typing this). Going up and down a flight of steps immediately took my heart rate to 100-110 (normally it is not this high on activity) but without any obvious discomfort. However it drops quickly again to around 70-80.

      I wish I had the kit to link the sensor up to a datalogger as an ECG-type graph would be way more helpful here to explain what I am seeing.

      I would stress that it is does not feel uncomfortable and may be perfectly normal but it does seem this stuff increases the change of the heart rates quicker than the other stimulants I have taken.

      As for the buzz, it is a pleasant “speed type” buzz with a clear head but not quite the euphoria of mephedrone or MDMA. I think this is a good-un but like mephedrone it is strong on the heart and fast acting, be careful if you are not in reasonable fitness!

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