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      An ethereal and percolating piano melody joins Chop Z as he begins the refrain to the next single off his “Freeformed” EP. Dubbed “Wheel of Fortune”, this new single finds itself in the sonic territory of Hip Hop though it also features touches of Trap, UK Grime and Dancehall as well. Real name, Teiyan McGann, it’s not hard to hear that MC Chop Z has spent some time in Jamaica. Growing up, a young Chop Z loved to trade verses with his family on the island and as an artist this young creator is able to synthesize various influences into a cohesive and accessible sound. Held down with a rugged low end and syncopated drum line, “Wheel of Fortune” is a swaggering reminder that life is precious. You could end up living the life of luxury or you could lose it all in an instant. The choices you make, the things you do, can have a profound impact on your life and the world around you. The only way to win this game of life is to spin the “Wheel of Fortune” and put yourself into every new day and opportunity that comes your way!

      Released on LHK Recordings, the “Freeformed” EP displays Chop Z’s lyrical prowess across its diverse collection of urban orientated music. The “Freeformed” EP was released using the USB Format, making it the perfect gift for the DJ in your life. Tracks like “Free Formers”, “Soundbwoy Killing”, and “Miss Bedroom Eyes” expand on Chop Z’s creative range and allow this young MC to explore a fertile and nuanced landscape of Hip Hop and RnB with explorative departures into the tropical vibes of Dancehall and Reggae as well. Chop Z is a versatile artist and this dynamic spirit is at the heart of what makes the “Freeformed” EP such an expansive and engaging listen. All fans of well produced, insightful, and meaningful urban music will gravitate towards this release and find a new favorite performer in Chop Z.

      In 2016, Chop Z will be continuing to tour in support of the “Freeformed” EP. Additionally he will likely be back in the studio to continue to flesh out his creative vision. Be sure to pick up the “Freeformed” EP and check out Chop Z when his tour stops near your town!

      Twitter: @Chop_Z
      Facebook: Chop-Z Got Em
      YouTube: Chop Z Original
      Instagram: @Chop_Z

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    Forums Music Music Production Toronto’s Chop Z Flirts With Chance On New “Wheel of Fortune” Single