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      I’ll spare the guilty any more shame such as publishing the URL; but its worrying this is from some sort of University station where they are supposed to be training radio journalists…


      The Alice Soundtech Series A broadcast desk

      This is often called the mixer, which is actually a bit of a misnomer since it is more of a selector. Its main function is to enable you to choose which of a variety of sources of sound you want to send to your listener.

      It is divided into sections:

      1. On the far left, the monitor and output section

      2. On the right, stereo channels

      3. In the middle, the phone and IRN channels

      4. On the near left, mono microphone channels

      Ach! Falsch! Flauw! I had always wondered why folk at the community radio who are otherwise decent presenters and have had some media/journalism training insist on slamming faders up to the end stop instead of using the 0dB marker (that quickly knackers the faders even if they are decent P&G ones). It tends to be a British disease; foreign presenters (especially the Chinese) seem to know a bit more about setting levels correctly; and the much maligned dance DJs do not to be fair do this (at least any more, I ended up telling a few of them in no uncertain terms how rough that sounds; they end up fighting two limiters in the TX rack)

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    Forums Music Sound Engineering this also deserves the wrath of the ‘weasel….