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      This night will be streamed LIVE direct from the Volks in Brighton.

      Once again Club-TED returns with another party
      TAKEOVER 2
      Dance music has always embraced new technology and the futuristic ideal.
      Yet still in 2009 we have Dj’s playing vinyl records
      (Not that we are complaining!!) A technology dating back a good way into the last century.
      Live Electronic Music Performance has until now been mostly restricted to concerts and festivals
      Mainly due to the amount of equipment needed by the performer and the logistical nightmare of actually doing it live.
      Advances in computer technology have changed all this.

      An ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN can now perform their music live with far less equipment needed than in the old days.
      With the right software, computer and performance interface, an electronic artist cam perform their music as they want it, reacting adapting and changing the music in a moment.
      All the music on the main stage “Club-TED” is performed LIVE by the artists who created it using the latest technology
      (Nothing is pre-recorded)
      And there are no CD’s vinyl or Dat tapes used
      This is the cutting edge, a representation of man interfacing with machine, both working together symbolically to produce art and entertainment.
      For the first time we can truly see this as CYBER CLUBBING!!!



        what’s the volks like now? heard they had a referb .. used to be a kushdy place b4 .. dj stand up on that balcony .. ect. even better now?


          Yes your right D/f, the club has had a refurb.. and its loads better.
          Upstairs they now have a turbo sound system, a stage and a nice lick of paint.
          Downstairs they have knocked the old bar out (to give more room) and have added a new system as well.

          I heard Dave the drummer up stairs on a BlackBox night, and he sounded wicked… most impressed!!
          So am really looking forward to hearing the Live Pa’s on the same system… should be shocking!!
          A night not to be missed!!


            nice .. might have to sketch my way down at some point hopefully see some old mates … downstairs was tiny .. mc’d down ther for about 10 mins once when i got chatting to the actual mc .. lol .. epic fail …

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