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      Strobian is a digital mercenary and high tech assassin with a sense of humor, his main weapons of choice: the ferocity of bass, hypnotism of trap and the raw energy of high octane dance music. A master sound architect, Strobian is a lifelong musician and has also been trained as mixing engineer. He has an ear for detail and a penchant for unleashing high tension Bass workouts that invigorate the mind, body and spirit. New single “Ideal” is a fierce and frenetic workout that isn’t content to exist in one genre, time or place but instead juxtaposes a number of unique influences to create something truly powerful. A man of many talents. Strobian is a rising star to watch and someone you can count on to deliver fun and adventurous music that will jolt you to life like 10,000 volts!

      The new “Ideal” single is Strobian’s call to arms and is thrilling and fun track that would devastate forward thinking dance floor temples erected in the name of the heavy bass. “Ideal” is the first single on Strobian’s own Personal Stadium imprint and begins a release schedule that will see new sounds well into the Fall and beyond. Strobian’s mission of bass destruction has been unleashed and anyone who appreciates the rugged and tense thematic drops of bass music will gravitate to his releases and find common cause in his sound.

      First and foremost “Ideal” is an energetic track designed to get people moving. This bouncing and rolling banger is glitchy, dub infused and features massive and memorable drops that will destroy festival crowds and release pressure on dancefloors around the world. Driving and intense, while also accessible and celebratory, “Ideal” is the perfect way to release tension. If you are ready for a life changing bass odyssey, you need to check out Strobian’s new track “Ideal”. Skank it out and wait for that drop!

      Release your inhibitions and submit yourself to the bass weight! If you are a fan of rough edged urban dance music, you need to check out Strobian’s new single “Ideal”!

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    Forums Music Strobian Leverages Bass Weight on New Single “Ideal”